Joby and Nan Soisson

Joby and Nan Soisson


Celebrate Recovery

Our purpose is to help those who are struggling with hurts, habits or hang-ups. Many who attend struggle with addictions, but we find Celebrate Recovery is effective in addressing a large range of personal issues. The first hour of our meeting opens with a large group meeting. We begin with several worship songs, followed by either a teaching or a testimony. During the second hour, we break into men's and women's "open share groups" where we have the opportunity to share our hearts with each other. We share our struggles, our setbacks and our victories. We do not advise or fix each other. We simply listen, creating a safe place to be open and transparent. We close this hour with prayer, lifting each other before the Lord, asking for His help and guidance and praising Him for our progress.

In addition to our Tuesday night meetings, we have men's and women's step groups. This is where much of the deep work of healing occurs. In these groups, we work through the eight principles of CR. We make a searching and fearless moral inventory of our lives, later sharing that inventory with a trusted person. We make amends to those we have harmed. The end result is new freedom as we find forgiveness and healing for our broken places. Each of these steps is part of God's plan for us as we follow Jesus and seek to make Him Lord of our lives.

Our regular attendance is between fifteen and twenty people, but at our dinner meetings (the first Tuesday of each month) attendance may reach thirty people. Most of those who come do not attend TransformChurch. Some belong to other churches and some have no church affiliation. The common denominator is that we admit that we are broken and need God's help.

During the years that we have been meeting, we have had the joy of seeing a woman completely set free from drug and alcohol addiction, a man finding victory over an addiction to pornography, another man discovering the roots of his addictions and receiving inner healing. This man is now growing spiritually and giving back to others. We have had the opportunity to love and support a woman who is grieving for the sudden death of her husband. In each case, we see God at work and together celebrate the victory.

Celebrate Recovery is for anyone who struggles. We invite you to join us and test the waters. Perhaps CR can help you find victory in an area where you are struggling. We also welcome help with our dinner meetings. We can always use help with setting up, serving and cleanup. For more info, please contact Joby and Nan Soisson at .